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About uPVC
Amiantit Oman was the first company in Sultanate of Oman to manufacture uPVC Pipes in 1975. The company manufactures pressure and non pressure pipes for applications in sewage, water,chemical,waste and also for ducting & as electrical conduits . The pipes are manufactured in size range from 20mm to 323mm at its fully automatic plant confirming to BS, DIN, OMAN and GULF standards

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is the most versatile polymer in the whole range of plastic materials .The main reasons of versatility of PVC are:

Strength of the raw material
Good Physical properties - mechanical, optical & electrical.
High resistance to fire and abrasion resistance.
Light weight, easy to handle.
Good chemical resistance.
Superior flow parameters.
High burst strength.

Due to above features PVC are undisputed economic choice for transportation of drainage, rain water, sewerage, potable water, chemicals, and cable ducting applications etc.

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