Amiantit Oman Rotomolding division was established in 1992. It is the first manufacturing unit in Sultanate of Oman in the field of Rotomolded polyethylene products. The entire plant is equipped with state-of-the-art and fully automatic American machines in which all the process parameters are PLC controlled. This division has always been in the forefront of producing variety of innovative products. One such development is the Fort type water tank, which has become a symbolic identification of every house hold of Sultanate of Oman. Amiantit Oman has introduced several innovative products spanning the following categories:

Rotomolded Products

Water Storage Tanks

Tanks are moulded from UV stabilized and FDA approved food grade polyethylene in 3 layers. Tanks are manufactured in dome, fort, horizontal and nestable shapes with capacities ranging from 100 to 3000USG. Amiantit Oman also manufactures insulated tanks in various capacities.

Safety Road Barriers & Safety Road Cones

We have two kinds of Barriers
1. Standard
2. Classic

Safety Road Cones
Sizes 18"/30"/36" single piece road cone
Size 36" Rubber Road Cone

New Generation Pallets

We have two kinds of Pallets
1. reinforced Pallets
2. Foam Filled Pallets
Size:- Length:1200mm*Width:1000mm*Height:145mm
Size:- Length:1200mm*Width:800mm*Height:140mm
Size:- Length:1000mm*Width:800mm*Height:140mm

Insulated fish Box

PE FOAM filled fish boxes for boat & fish Market
Size:- LENGth:1400mm*width:650mm*Height:650mm
Size:- LENGth:1300mm*width:600mm*Height:600mm
Size:- LENGth:1400mm*width:900mm*Height:900mm

Fish Crates

PE Fish handling crates
Size:- LENGth:800mm*width:460mm*Height:190mm
Size:- LENGth:600mm*width:400mm*Height:230mm
Size:- LENGth:610mm*width:420mm*Height:300mm

AC Cover

PE Slotted air conditioner enclosure
Size:- LENGth:8985mm*width:585mm*Height:600mm
Size:- LENGth:1100mm*width:750mm*Height:650mm

Litter Bins

Different kinds of bins
Refuse Bin round
Square Bin
Pedal Operated Bin
Wall/Pole mounted Bins
Wheeler Bins

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